Vishay Part Number Riedon Part Number
 CCF-55  MF2207
 CMB0207  MFM65
 CMF-55  MF2207
 CMF-65  MF2617
 CMF-70  MF2617
 CNS 020 Series  MF2207, MF2617
 CPCC-10  UV-10
 CPCC-3  UV-3
 CPCC-5  UV-5
 CPCF-3  UV-3
 CPCF-5  UV-5
 CPCL-10  UV-10
 CPCL-3  UV-3
 CPCL-5  UV-5
 CPCP-10  UV-10
 CPCP-3  UV-3
 CPCP-5  UV-5
 CPSM-5  S-5
 CPW-10  UW-10
 CPW-15  UW-15
 CPW-2  UW-2
 CPW-3  UW-3
 CPW-5  UW-5
 CRCW0603  CRS0603
 CRCW0805  CRS0805
 CRCW1206  CRS1206
 CRCW1218  CRW1216
 CRCW2010  CRW2010
 CRCW2512  CRW2512
 CSC Series  TF3000
 CW-1  UT-1A
 CW-1/2  UT-1/2A
 CW-10  UT-10
 CW-10-3  UT-10
 CW-2  UT-3
 CW-2B  UT-2D
 CW-2C  UT-2E
 CW-2C-14  UT-2E
 CW-2M  UT-2D
 CW-5  UT-5
 CW-5-2  UT-3
 CW-5-3  UT-5
 CW-7  UT-7C
 D2TO35  PFS35
 ENH-10  UAL-10
 ENH-25  UAL-25
 ENH-5  UAL-5
 ENH-50  UAL-50
 ERH-10  UAL-10
 ERH-25  UAL-25
 ERH-5  UAL-5
 ERH-50  UAL-50
 FHV-050  GST-1210
 FHV-100  GST-2512
 FHV-200  GST-4020
 G-1  UB-1
 G-10  UB-10
 G-2  UB-2
 G-3  UB-3
 G-5  UB-5
 G-6  UB-6
 HG-10  UAL-10
 HG-25  UAL-25
 HG-5  UAL-5
 HG-50  UAL-50
 HL-100  TSC-100
 HL-175  TSC-160
 HL-20  TSC-20
 HL-225  TSC-200
 HL-25  TSC-25
 HL-50  TSC-50
 HLW-20  TSC-20
 LTO100  PF2472
 LTO30  NPR 2-T220
 LTO30  PF2203
 LTO50  NHR 2-T220
 LTO50  PF2205
 LVR-1  MT-1A
 LVR-10  MT-10
 LVR-3  MT-2B
 LVR-5  MT-5
 MMA0204  MFM55
 MMB0207  MFM60
 MMB0207-P  MFM65
 MR101  SM-5
 MR102  SM-15
 MR103  SM-12
 MR104  139A
 MR105  100
 MR106  101
 MR107  102
 MR108  120
 MR110/111  121
 MR112  129
 MR114  106
 MR115  107
 MR116  108
 MR503  SM-2
 MR508  SM-3
 MR510  SM-4
 MR512  SM-13
 MR602  101PC
 MR604  130PC
 MR605  131PC
 MR606  100PC
 MR612  120PC
 MR612  120PC
 MR614  104PC
 MR702  SM-8
 MR703  SM-9
 MR705  SM-10
 MR706  SM-11
 MR9352  129
 MR9353  121
 MR9354  102
 MR9355  101
 MR9356  100
 MR9357  106
 MR9358  107
 MR9359  108
 MSP Series  TF3000
 NH-100  UAL-100
 NH005  UAL-5
 NH010  UAL-10
 NH025  UAL-25
 NH050  UAL-50
 NHL-100  TSC-100
 NHL-175  TSC-160
 NHL-20  TSC-20
 NHL-225  TSC-200
 NHL-25  TSC-25
 NHL-50  TSC-50
 PR01  PMF1
 PR02  PMF2
 PR03  PMF3
 PTF51  MP50
 PTF56  MF2207
 PTF56  MP55
 PTF65  MP60
 RCM05  MF2207
 RCMA02  MF2207
 RCMS02  MF2207
 RCMS1  MF2207
 RH-10  UAL-10
 RH-25  UAL-25
 RH-5  UAL-5
 RH-50  UAL-50
 RP Series  MF2207, MF2617
 RS-1/2  UT-1/2
 RS-1/4  UT-1/2A
 RS-1/8  UT-1
 RS-10  UT-10
 RS-1A  UT-1A
 RS-2  UT-3
 RS-2A  UT-2A
 RS-2B  UT-2B
 RS-2C  UT-2C
 RS-5-69  UT-5
 RS-7  UT-7B
 RTO 20  PF2202
 RTO 50  PF2205
 RTOP  PF2272
 RTOP  PF2274
 SMM0204  MFM55
 SR-1  MSR-1
 SR-3  MSR-3
 SR-5  MSR-5
 TNPW0603  CMF0603
 TNPW0805  CMF0805
 TNPW1206  CMF1206
 TNPW1210  CMF1210
 TR03  TF2004
 TR05  TF2005
 TR15  TF2007
 TR30  TF2009
 VR25  MG55
 VR37  MG60
 VR68  MG65
 WSC0001  S-2
 WSC0002  S-4, SL-4
 WSC01/2  S-1
 WSC2515  S-2
 WSC4527  S-4
 WSC6927  S-3
 WSF2515  CMF2512
 WSL 1206  CSR 1206
 WSL 2010  CSR 2010
 WSL 2512  CSR 2512
 WSL-1  SL-2
 WSL-2  SL-4
 WSLP 1206  CSR 1206
 WSLP 2010  CSR 2010
 WSLP 2512  CSR 2512 A, B,C
 WSR2  SL-4
When considering all your resistive needs it can be important to understand the basics about each type of resistor and, in general, how it is designed. The wirewound resistors designed and manufactured by Riedon are world class. This matters when it comes to being able to rely on good circuitry within any given electronic device. The basic wirewound resistor is constructed with a highly resistive wire that is, as the name suggests, wrapped around an insulating core. This is how resistance is provided in the design of the wirewound resistor.


Not all wirewound resistors are manufactured in the same way or with the same materials. The choices involving manufacturing and materials vary depending upon how the circuit needs to be designed. The circuit design determines how the wirewound resistors will be used. One thing that stays constant, no matter the design of the device is that winding the needed wire around the core makes the resistor a wirewound resistor.


The parameters of the wirewound resistor, such as the resistivity of the wire in use, can be tightly controlled. This makes it possible to design highly precise wirewound resistors for your technological needs. In general it is true that wirewound resistors fulfill the requirement of producing lower resistance values in the end. Adjustments can be made in the design of the wirewound resistor, such as; thinner wire when only low power will be in use.


The experts with Riedon understand the importance of all the parameters involved with the process of making optimal wirewound resistors. The type of wire used is also an important consideration. For example the temperature coefficient of resistance would be much higher if pure metals were used. This is the reason why many wirewound resistors are manufactured with alloys and not pure metals. If there is a need for high temperature performance there are good options for the wirewound resistor design.


For more information about the team of wirewound resistor experts at Riedon and how they can deliver what you need for your device, contact Riedon today. They are ready to answer all your questions with great customer service and optimal delivery options.