Riedon hightempresistorRiedon has designed chip resistors for high-temperature operation with resistance values up to 10TΩ.

The maximum continuous working temperature of standard components with nickel/tin terminals is usually specified as +155˚C (tin has a peak temperature of 230˚C while nickel is limited to 160˚C).

By using superior materials, and combining an inner terminal of silver/palladium with a wrap-around of platinum/silver, Riedon is able to offer chip resistors that can work in applications up to 300˚C.

This termination technology is suitable for silver epoxy attachment, which provides the reliability and high temperature performance essential for the temperature probes and pressure monitoring devices used in oil and gas exploration.

Further, by avoiding nickel, these chip resistors are completely non-­magnetic and can be used in the presence of strong magnetic fields, such as medical CT and MRI scanners.

The CHR series of non-magnetic chip resistors provides resistance values from 1Ω to 10MΩ with power ratings from 0.05W to 1.5W, depending on package size (from 0402 to 4020).

The HVS series of higher value resistors runs from 100kΩ to 10Tohm, with operation up to 6,000V.

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