Riedon is proud to announce our new line of metal-clad braking resistors, the BR series.

BR braking resistors

The new BR family of braking resistors

These rugged braking resistors are less reliant on heatsink configuration than resistors using other technologies like thick film or foil.   Utilizing aluminium housings, high performance ceramic cores and fully welded construction these components deliver exceptional heat distribution and superior short circuit performance when compared to competitor products.


There are three chassis configurations, the BR (low profile), the BRT (tall profile) and BRS (slim profile) providing designers with a variety of choices to best meet demanding packaging requirements.  The BR and BRT feature standard quick connect terminations, while the 12mm slim BRS features 200mm flying leads to accommodate any number of connector choices.

Multiple power ratings are also available from 60 to 500 watts with even higher ratings possible upon customer request.  Metal clad resistors are a perfect solution for a number of industrial and commercial applications including motor drives, power conversion systems, HVAC, battery charging and monitoring products.

The complete press release may be found here.