Riedon announces the introduction of two new series of resistors that use Bulk Metal Foil technology to deliver superior performance. The new UHPL series of through-hole molded resistors provides high precision with a tolerance of ±0.005%, a TCR of ±2ppm and a load life stability of ±0.005%. The ultra-high precision, surface mount UHPC series achieves an extremely low TCR of ±0.05ppm with a power coefficient of 5ppm at rated power and a load life stability of ±0.005%.

Bulk Metal Foil technology outperforms all other resistor technologies available today for applications that require high precision and high stability. The UHPL series resistors are built to handle unconventional environmental conditions with minimal drift over more than 10,000 hours while offering tight tolerance, fast response time, low current noise and low thermal EMF. Typical applications include high-precision instrumentation and differential amplifiers. The UHPC series builds on the same Bulk Metal technology to provide a significant reduction in the resistive element’s sensitivity to ambient temperature variations (TCR) and to self-heating when power is applied (Power Coefficient of Resistance, or PCR). This all helps achieve the remarkable load life stability, low noise and tight tolerances that characterize this design and suit it to applications such as automatic test equipment, precision measuring instruments and medical imaging. The UHPC resistor has a full wraparound termination that assures secure contact during the manufacturing process, as well as providing stability during multiple thermal cycles.

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