• Aluminum housed heater with flexible leads.  Used as optics package heater in severe-environment security camera
  • Standard 50W aluminum housed or “chassis mount” resistor with custom flying (flexible) leads

Three Terminal Resistors

  • Custom duel wire wound resistor package with three terminals.  Application on the AMRAAM missilecustom resistors offering

High Temperature Precision

  • High temperature transducer compensation resistors available in low TC and various high-TC versions using Evanohm, Balco, platinum, and nickel wires (see also the Joule description).  Available in radial (black) and PC (red) lead configurations.

Custom Shunt

  • Custom designed shunt resistor with manganin resistor element and brass mounting blocks.
  • Special shaped shunt with duel manganin wires, silicone/fiberglass insulating sleeve and specially shaped ring terminals.  Application in the welding industry.

Custom Network

  • Special, qualified high-temperature 11-resistor network.  Complete quality-controlled aerospace missile application requiring QCI testing on each production lot.

Temp Sensing

  • Special temp-sensing resistor using a threaded brass bobbin with integral mounting screw head and high TC RediSeal wire (3500ppm/°C).  Used in commercial oven (pizza) application.
  • Custom temp-sensing resistor with brass heat-transmitting shell.  Wound with Balco wire (TC = 4800ppm/°C)
  • Custom designed wire wound gas flow sensor.  The sensor is a precision tube with two platinum wire windings (TC = 3800ppm/°C).  Applications in semiconductor production gas doping.