• Our Surface Mount designs fit modern high efficiency manufacturing methods
  • For current sensing, we offer surface mount and metal element designs for PC board mounting and leaded 4-terminals products. Resistances are available to 0.003 ohms
  • Mounting, and leaded 4‑terminal products.Resistances are available 0.003 ohms.
  • We make precision wirewound resistors with tolerances to 0.005% and long-term stability of 10PPM/year
  • For power applications, we offer axial lead, aluminum-house, TO-220, flameproof ceramic-housed, and high power tubular resistors.
  • Besides wirewound resistors, we can also supply metal fil, resistors, thick film resistors and networks.

We know that our standard resistor products will not fit all applications.  We can often fill your special needs with customized designs.  Please call us so we can help you with your unique resistors needs.

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