Riedon acquired KRL Bantry Components in April of 2019.  These are just two new product lines that are now available from Riedon.


HR Series Hermetically Sealed

HR image

Ideal for:

  • High Stability Instruments
  • Resistance Standards
  • Metallurgical Equipment

 What makes the HR unique?

  • Tolerance down to 0.0025%
  • TCR down to 1PPM
  • Enhanced long term stability to 25PPM over three years
  • Based on proven precision wirewound technology

FTS 4 Terminal Current Shunt


Ideal for:

  • Aerospace Applications
  • Industrial Motor Controls
  • DC Power Supplies

 What makes the FTS unique?

  • Self Supporting Board Mounting
  • Resistance values down to 0.0005 ohms
  • TCR down to 50PPM
  • Tolerances down to 0.5%