High Ohm Resistors In A Small Package Size When trying to analyze very low electronic signals, a stable, high ohm resistor is required. With thick film technology, very high values (up to 10 Tera-Ohms!) can be achieved in smaller and smaller package sizes. With thick films, the conduction mechanism is a combination of metallic and semiconductor conductivity and a mixture of metal and glass/organic binders is screen-printed onto a ceramic base and then fired at 850°C. A precise mixture of these particles will yield a resistor that is not only very stable, but also has quite low temperature coefficient (TCR) and voltage coefficient (VCR) ratings.

The resistors then utilize laser-cut trimming to make the resistor value as precise as possible, and tolerances down to 0.5% can be achieved, depending on how high the ohmic value is.

Check out Riedon’s HVC Series with resistance ranges from 10 Mohm to 1 Tohm in package sizes as low as 0402. Click here.

Or for higher-temperature and/or higher voltage applications, our HVS series is also available with an operating temperature up to 300°C. Click here.