More custom designed resistor capabilities that we offer to our valued customers.

Custom Package

  • Special “banana plug” resistor used to configure a test board by easily adding or removing the resistor.

Metal Element

  • Showing various form shapes for the MSR low-ohm metal element product line.

Joule Rated

  • Special joule–rated part with custom soldered, flexible lead terminations.  Joule-rated parts are designed survival under high current or voltage spike applications (lightning strike, motor start-up etc.).

Heater Chip

  • Custom thick film heater chip with special surface mount leads.  Applications in the severe-environment security camera industry to prevent fogging of the camera optics package.

Fuse Resistors

  • Special fusible resistor with tight fusing characteristics, clear plastic housing and complete mil/aero qualification documentation for US missile project.

Four Leads

  • Duel precision resistor package with four leads.