In today’s world, pulses are common in electronic circuits.  When these pulses encounter a resistor with high reactive components, they are distorted. If the resistor has high inductance, current through it will have a sluggish, slow rise time. The current will overshoot if the resistor has high capacitance.  Either condition distorts the pulse’s waveform, potentially disabling the circuit’s function.

A fast rise resistors reduces the distortion and Riedon offers resistor with fast rise option.

Wirewound resistor manufactures sometimes refer to Aryton-Perry windings when they talk about fast rise-time or high frequency response resistors.  What are Aryton-perry windings?  To make an Aryton-Peryy winding, you first wind a wire layer in one direction.  After a layer of insulation, you wind the next wire layer in the opposite direction, with the turns crossing every 180 degrees.  This reduces the undesirable reactance components of the winding: its inductance and capacitance.

The result? typical reactive values for these special designs are less than 1μh for a 500 ohm resistor, and less than 0.8pf capacitance for a 1 Megohm resistor. This provides a resistor with a fast rise-time of 20 nsec or less, while retaining the desirable tolerance, TCR and stability that are characteristic of wirewound resistors.   So call us to get a quote on fast rise resistors.