RSW series

RSW series

Riedon is proud to introduce our newest ammeter shunt offering, the RSW series.  This compact and versatile series is ideal for applications such as junction boxes used in the cathodic protection industry or high current power conversion monitoring.

RSW – compact size with numerous options

The RSW series features sixteen current values from five to two hundred amps.  50mV outputs and an exceptional 0.25% tolerance are standard.  Sized from just 3.0” by 0.5”, this small unit can be utilized in cabinets and chassis where other models simply won’t fit.

Additionally, the primary terminations may be either standard through hole or optionally threaded.  Either option allows for simple installation in a variety of applications.  To minimize the influence of current conductor orientation, voltage sense terminations are centrally located between the primaries.

A thermally stable, low TCR manganin resistance element is paired with rugged brass termination blocks to provide a very robust high-performance package that stands the test of time and yet remains cost effective.

As with all  of our shunt models, the RSW adapts readily to customization for alternate voltage outputs, hole sizes, or even tolerances as tight as 0.1%.  The entire product line will be stocked by Digi-Key.  Please contact us if you have a requirement not mention here.