Caddock Riedon Part Number
 MG655  MG60
 MG655  MG55
 MG660  MG65
 MG660  MG60
 MG710  MG70
 MG710  MG65
 MG721  MG75
 MG721  MG70
 MG745  HTE52
 MG780  HTE76
 MG810  HTE102
 MG815  HTE152
 MK120  TF2005
 MM112  MF50
 MM125  MF55
 MM177  MF60
 MM216  MF65
 MM224  MF75
 MP2060  NHR 2-T221
 MP725  NPS 2-T216
 MP725  PFS35
 MP816  NPR 2-T221
 MP820  NPR 2-T220
 MP820  PF2203
 MP821  PF2203
 MP821  NPR 2-T220
 MP825  PF1262
 MP850  PF2205
 MP850  NHR 2-T221
 MP9100  PF2473
 MP9100  KHR 2-T218
 MP9100  PF2274
 MP9100  PF2472
 MP915  PF1262
 MP916  NPR 2-T221
 MP916  PF2203
 MP925  NPR 2-T221
 MP925  PF2203
 MP930  PF2203
 MP930  NPR 2-T221
 MS151  MF2207
 T912  MF4200
 T914  MF4200
 TK133  SAA
 TK133V  SAA
 TN130  SAA
 TN130V  SAA
Riedon specializes in optimal designs requiring high power resistive technology. A reliable, high power resistor is a necessary component for technologies that require designs intended to withstand and eventually dissipate a large amount of power. The power rating for the power resistor needs to be at least 5 Watt. Riedon customizes high power resistors according to customer specifications, allowing that resistive technology to dissipate even larger amounts of power. The precise engineering technology of these high power resistors allow for cutting edge technology application inside of extremely compact spaces.


Materials used to manufacture high power resistors are made with a high level of thermal conductivity, which allows for the most efficient cooling process. Many technical designs using the high power resistors couple the resistors with heat sinks, enabling the dissipation of an even higher amount of power. Riedon has engineering and manufacturing processes that can allow for forced liquid or air-cooling when the high power resistors are stressed at maximum load.


These high power resistors can be wire wound, but the most important feature of the high power resistor is, of course, its ability to efficiently dissipate power. The challenge can be how to accomplish this in optimally, within the smallest possible amount of space. The engineering design experts with Riedon pride themselves on being able to provide the very best high power resistor efficiency according to customized specification, with the best turn around times in the industry.


You may be interested to know that high power resistors are used every day in many of the areas of technology that have already become a natural part of our lives. For example, high power resistive technologies are used to dissipate the power your car uses when the engine is braking. This same concept is used in any kind of vehicle that runs on an electric, motor powered, engine including trains and trams.


Remember the name Riedon as the most trusted name in the resistor manufacturing industry. It is important to be able to rest assured that the high power resistors inside your technological devices will perform optimally every time in order to ensure the most convenience and reliability. For more information on customized high power resistor solutions, contact the team of experts with Riedon today.