Accurate current measurements at high common-mode voltages are essential to control energy flow and optimize efficiency in high-power industrial systems such as motor drives, uninterruptible power supplies, solar inverters and battery systems, or in automotive systems such as traction inverters in electric vehicles (EVs). These high-power systems are subjected to hostile environments such as electrical noise, vibration, mechanical shock, temperature variations and ingress of contaminants. Current measurements, typically measured between 100 A to 1000 A on the power-drive side, also known as the hot side, are galvanically isolated and sent across to the microcontroller (MCU) side, also known as the cold side. However, a new active shunt technology offers an all-in-one solution that combines highly accurate measurement and isolation in a single package.

Current-monitoring applications

Any application that generates or uses significant amounts of electrical power needs to operate as efficiently as possible; in many cases, this means there will be some form of automatic closed-loop feedback that requires accurate current sensing. Large battery systems have become more prevalent in recent years, providing power to essential buildings such as data centers and hospitals. Monitoring battery capacity and usage requires accurate current measurement. Motors are being used more than ever to automate our world; as we move toward more efficient brushless DC motor types, current measurement is an essential aspect of electronic commutation. Many high-growth sectors, including renewable energy, EVs and hybrid EVs (HEVs), also require accurate current monitoring for management, reporting and control. Continue to read here.