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Welcome to the Riedon Blog.  Here you will find articles and resources related to all types of resistors and shunts. 

Riedon Thick Film Chip Resistors

Riedon has been selling thick film chip resistors for many years. However they have been gaining popularity lately because of their “high temperature” capabilities and some other characteristic such as: · Non-magnetic availability · Whisker-free · Low VCR · High...

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Riedon Custom Designed Resistor Capabilities

Power Aluminum housed heater with flexible leads.  Used as optics package heater in severe-environment security camera Standard 50W aluminum housed or “chassis mount” resistor with custom flying (flexible) leads Three Terminal Resistors Custom duel wire wound resistor...

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Happy Customer!

Here is a an email from a happy customer; we love to "wow" our customers: Thank you for all of his assistance with this order. We really appreciate your prompt and attentive help in getting these parts expedited and shipped to us!! They arrived today. You are awesome....

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Riedon Offers US-Made Wirewound Resistors

All Riedon special products are manufactured and carefully controlled in the United States, with special manufacturing documentation tied directly to customer requirements. US manufacture is of special interest to US military and aerospace customes and applications...

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Do You Have Over-Voltage Surge Problem?

Wirewound resistors, ideal at handling overvoltage surges, are often specified for the surge and overload conditions of harsh environments. The core of a wirewound resistor typically consists of fiberglass or a ceramic rod, with metallic wire wrapped around the...

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