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Welcome to the Riedon Blog.  Here you will find articles and resources related to all types of resistors and shunts. 


Riedon is product new owner of these new URL address: riedonresistors.com riedonprecision.com riedonprecisionresistors.com   Resistors Resistors Resistors Resistors  Resistors Resistors Resistors Resistors  Resistors Resistors Resistors...

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A fusing resistor is designed to protect a circuit against damage as a result of current or voltage overload.  The resistor limits current flow and protects the circuit by opening (stopping current flow) when current levels exceeds its fuse characteristic design...

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Riedon Introduces 3 New Products In Our Resistor Offering

HIGH PULSE CHIP Riedon is well known for creating high quality joule rated wirewound resistors capable of handling instantaneous pulses of power. We are now extending this capability to our new PCR series, which is a pulse withstanding chip resistor able to withstand up to 4000W for 0.1ms. Compared to other competitors this rating is much higher. For more information on this resistor please click http://www.riedon.com/us/images/stories/pdf/PCR.pdf

2)ULTRA LOW OHM CHIP In addition to the PCR series Riedon would like to introduce the CSR series, an Ultra-Low Ohm (Metal Strip) Chip Resistor. We are introducing this to meet the increasing demand in the market for low ohm surface mount shunts. This type of device is used across many industries and applications including DC/DC converters, chargers, or adaptors, and power management for battery charging. For more information on this resistor please click http://www.riedon.com/us/images/stories/pdf/CSR.pdf

3) HIGH VOLTAGE MELF During the continued success of our precision metal electrode leadless face resistors, the MFM series, Riedon has found the need for a MELF that can withstand high voltages. In order to meet this requirement we would like to introduce the MFM series, a high voltage MELF resists that is able to withstand an operating voltage up to 3000V. This is nearly 9X higher than the MFM series, which can withstand up to 350V. To find out more information about this resistors please click here http://www.riedon.com/us/images/stories/pdf/MGM.pd

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Resistance Heaters

Resistors as Heaters Power resistors and resistance heaters share many common design considerations. In both products, good thermal design ensures low thermal resistance between the element and the exterior environment. Both must be rugged and reliable. Power...

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Surge Resistors

Wirewound resistors are perfect for high surge applications and Riedon offers one of the best “joule rated” resistors in the industry.

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Why Buy Matched Set Resistors?

Matched resistors are a set of resistors where an additional parameter(s) is given to link the resistors. For example, resistor ‘A’ and resistor ‘B’ have a resistance of 100Ω, a tolerance of 5%, and a TCR of 25 + 5 ppm. You may add additional parameters to this set...

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Make Your Own Resistor Code Calculator

How fun! The Resistor Code Calculator is on RobIves.com, where its creator describes it as "Paper engineering meets electronic engineering"! Rob provides a link to a PDF containing the paper dials for printing, as well as the origami steps to fold it into shape.

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Pulse Rated Resistors

The Riedon  "Pulse Rated Resistors"  training module is now available for customers to download from Digi-Key's Web site. Please go to  the Riedon supplier page on the Digikey site and click the link titled "Product Training Modules" . It includes voice over training...

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