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Welcome to the Riedon Blog.  Here you will find articles and resources related to all types of resistors and shunts. 

Make Your Own Resistor Code Calculator

How fun! The Resistor Code Calculator is on RobIves.com, where its creator describes it as "Paper engineering meets electronic engineering"! Rob provides a link to a PDF containing the paper dials for printing, as well as the origami steps to fold it into shape.

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Pulse Rated Resistors

The Riedon  "Pulse Rated Resistors"  training module is now available for customers to download from Digi-Key's Web site. Please go to  the Riedon supplier page on the Digikey site and click the link titled "Product Training Modules" . It includes voice over training...

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High Pulse Resistors

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive at Riedon, is whether  we can offer “Joule rated” or “pulse rated” resistors?  Electrical surges are a common failure mode for many types of resistors, and its essential to help our customers to evaluate the...

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Check out our SMD resistors available in wirewound, Metal Foil, and Metal Film technologies . Click here to see the product listing. Power rating from 0.1 W to 50 W and Tolerances from 0.005% to 10%. High Temperature ranges also available.

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Fast Rise Resistors

In today's world, pulses are common in electronic circuits.  When these pulses encounter a resistor with high reactive components, they are distorted. If the resistor has high inductance, current through it will have a sluggish, slow rise time. The current will...

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High Temperature Resistors

Riedon has been at the cutting edge of resistive solutions for more than 40 years. High temperature resistors are in demand in many applications, now more than ever! Riedon’s Wirewound, Thick & Thin Film, and also Foil resistive products can be seen in industries...

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