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Power and Heat Sink Dimensioning

In any system where heat dissipation could affect the components’ performance, understanding power dissipation for the purposes of selecting the right heat sink is very important. Let’s take a closer look at the power dissipation of resistors. Standard Conditions for...

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Using Resistors in Medical Applications

Medical electronics equipment is no longer just found in hospitals, clinics and doctors’ surgeries. Neither is its use restricted to qualified practitioners. Instead designs have become smaller, more portable and easier to use to the point where now appliances like...

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Using Resistors in LED Lighting Applications

The efficient and reliable operation of LED lighting is dependent on the right choice of current-limiting resistor. Not all resistors are the same and growth in new markets like high-power LED lighting is serving to highlight the importance of understanding all...

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Using Resistors in Power Supplies

The subject of power supplies is potentially very broad and the application of resistors in power supplies is quite diverse. Here we will focus on power supply units (PSUs) designed for use in electronic appliances that nominally require fixed DC outputs ranging from...

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Using Resistors as Heaters

Power resistors and resistance heaters share many common design considerations. In both products, good thermal design ensures low thermal resistance between the element and the exterior environment. Both must be rugged and reliable. Power resistors are often used in...

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Appendix – A Resistor Primer

Resistance Resistance is one of three basic quantities in electrical or electronic circuits: Current is the flow of electrons through a circuit. It is the principle quantity because it does work, and accomplishes the desired results. We measure current in Amperes....

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