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High-Voltage Thick Film Resistors now at Digikey

The HTE series are high-voltage thick film resistors with tolerances of ±1% to ±10%

Image of Riedon's High-Voltage Thick Film ResistorsRiedon’s HTE series uses thick film technology in a non-inductive cylindrical construction for through-hole mounting. They provide resistance values from 1 kΩ to 100 MΩ, while also achieving non-inductive performance and a TCR rating of ±100 ppm. HTE resistors are available from 0.7 W to 15 W power ratings with tolerances between ±1% and ±10%. Their high-voltage design allows for a maximum of 48 kV working voltage rating.

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Compensation Resistors for Strain Gage Transducers

Many transducers use strain gage sensors to convert pressure or force to an electrical output. In these designs, gages are connected as a Wheatstone bridge resulting in an accurate and rugged transducer that can operate in extreme environments.

To achieve accuracy, the bridge is adjusted for manufacturing tolerances and temperature effects. "Compensation" resistors are added to correct for bridge unbalance, and to adjust output sensitivity. Other compensation resistors correct for the errors that result when the transducer is used over a wide changing temperature range.
sensors compensation resistors
Wire wound resistors are ideal for compensating strain gage transducers: They offer the necessary accuracy, and perform reliably at high temperatures. They are designed so that resistance value does not change, or changes in a controlled manner, over different temperature.

Riedon has supplied compensation resistors to many customers and recognizes that transducers are highly specialized products normally requiring design-specific compensation resistors. We welcome the opportunity to serve your unique requirements


High Temperature Resistors

CHR and HVS chip resistors from Riedon deliver high resistance values and high temperature performance.

The CHR series of non-magnetic chip resistor provides resistance values from 1 Ohm to 10MΩ with power ratings from 0.05W to 1.5W, depending on package size (from 0402 to 4020). Various resistance tolerances are available, from as low as ±0.5%, along with TCRs (temperature coefficient of resistance) specified from ±50ppm/oC. The standard temperature range is -55oC to +155oC with the HT version extending to +300 oC. Riedon’s HVS series of high-voltage, high-temperature, thick film chip resistors addresses requirements for higher value resistors, from 100kΩ to 10TΩ, with operation up to 6000V. Again, power-rating options are available up to 1.5W with an HT version provides high temperature operation up to +300 oC. VCR is also specified across the range, starting from as low as 10ppm/V.  Click here to continue to read


Resistor for Weighing Scale

Whatever your are weighing, whether it’s gems or pharmaceuticals, scales must be accurate day in and day out. Some are in harsh environments while others are in laboratories. But regardless of the application, accuracy and consistency are the prime targets. For nearly 50 years, Riedon resistors have been a key enabling component for weighing systems, and they continue to serve this important sector today.

Customer Requirements

Chip Resistor - Weighing Scale application

● High-precision measurement capabilities

● Accurate digital to analog conversion capabilities

● Low noise for best performance

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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

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High-Power Resistors, TO Style

Riedon offers TO style resistors for high-frequency & pulse-loading applications

Image of Riedon's High-Power TO Style ResistorsRiedon offers low-cost heatsink mountable design resistors in five various packages. These include TO-126, TO-220, TO-247, TO-227, TO-238, and TO-263 (D-Pak) with rated power ranges to 20 W, 35 W, 50 W, 100 W, and 200 W. The non-inductive design of these elements is ideally suited for high-frequency and pulse-loading applications.
The main applications are variable speed drives, power supplies, control devices, LED, telecommunications, robotics, motor controls, and other switching devices. Special and custom-designed components are available upon request.

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Resistor Technologies: Wirewoud, Foil, Thin Film & Thick Film

Riedon provides resistors which encompass all four of the basic resistor technologies.  As you can see these are wirewound, foil, thin film and thick film.  Each technology has it’s own advantages. As you have inquiries be aware that we have this breadth of capabilities.  Please call us to discuss your specific application. 

Resistor Technologies


Resistors’ Lead Time & Crosses to Vishay, Ohmite, Caddock, IRC

Riedon & lead timeWhile our competitors’ lead times have increased, Riedon still offers the best delivery and the finest customer service in the industry.

  • Delivery in an average of 4-5 weeks
  • Premium delivery time of 1-2 weeks!
  • Custom solutions are available even for the most unique applications
  • Riedon is now an ISO 9001 company

Riedon offers crosses to 37 various resistor manufacturers , we can review your resistors specs and offer crosses or new solutions. Put us in touch with your Engineers and our expert team can help!

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Resistors : Medical Application

MedicalresistorsMedical electronics equipment is not longer just found in hospitals, clinics and doctors surgeries. Neither is its use restricted to qualified practitioners. Instead designs have become smaller, more portable and easier to use to the point where now appliances like defibrillators are deployed in many public places such as sports venues, schools, airports, health & fitness clubs and many commercial and government offices. Other devices such as blood glucose meters are today considered essential in the care of patients with diabetes and have evolved to be personal, pocket-sized units that can be carried everywhere. Then there is equipment for patient monitoring, diagnostics and medication delivery that has been designed for in-home use, which often includes portable, body-worn elements. Medical equipment generally demands the highest quality components to ensure safe and dependable operation; and portable equipment poses the additional challenges of compact size, the ruggedness needed to cope with harsh operating conditions, and usually needing to be battery-powered. This article will explore two of these applications for portable medical electronics, looking at the specific requirements of the resistor technology used in their circuit designs. It will then examine potential solutions based on products from Riedon, a specialist resistor manufacturer and supplier.

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Cross to Ohmite resistors

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