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Welcome to the Riedon Blog.  Here you will find articles and resources related to all types of resistors and shunts. 

TO-263 Resistor (D-Pak)

  TO-263 Housing (D-Pak) Resistance from 0.01 Ohm to 51K Ohms Power Rating to 35 Watts Resistance Tolerances to ±1% TCR to ±50ppm/K Load Stability to 1% Solder Reflow Secure at 260°C / 20s Isolated Back Plate             LINK to date...

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Vishay Resistors cross to Riedon Resistors

 CCF-07  MF2207  CCF-55  MF2207  CMB0207  MFM65  CMF-55  MF2207  CMF-65  MF2617  CMF-70  MF2617  CNS 020 Series  MF2207, MF2617  CPCC-10  UV-10  CPCC-3  UV-3  CPCC-5  UV-5  CPCF-3  UV-3  CPCF-5  UV-5  CPCL-10  UV-10  CPCL-3  UV-3  CPCL-5  UV-5  CPCP-10  UV-10  CPCP-3...

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High-Voltage Thick Film Resistors now at Digikey

The HTE series are high-voltage thick film resistors with tolerances of ±1% to ±10% Riedon’s HTE series uses thick film technology in a non-inductive cylindrical construction for through-hole mounting. They provide resistance values from 1 kΩ to 100 MΩ, while also...

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