Beware of counterfeit Riedon products

Counterfeit Products are a real issue It recently came to our attention that I-Semiconductors is using our marketing materials and part numbers to promote counterfeit products. Please note, that they are not an authorized Riedon distributor, and that we have never...

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TCR and resistors for scale applications

Minimize temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, or TCR, refers to how the value of a resistor will vary with changes in temperature.  This temperature change can be from changes in the environment around the resistor as well...

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Resistor solutions within inverter applications

Inverter Power Resistor Applications The image below shows a typical inverter topology with the various resistor requirements highlighted.  These requirements may include filter resistors, snubbers, gate resistors, bleeders, balancing resistors, voltage dividers,...

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