KRL Acquisition brings new products to the Riedon Product Portfolio

Riedon acquired KRL Bantry Components in April of 2019.  These are just two new product lines that are now available from Riedon.   HR Series Hermetically Sealed Ideal for: High Stability Instruments Resistance Standards Metallurgical Equipment  What makes the HR...

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See the new SSA Smart Shunt in Action

What is a possible application for the SSA smart current sensor? Digi-key recently posted a blog outlining a simple implementation of our new SSA smart current sensor into a Bluetooth wireless monitor.  This example utilizes Adafruit controllers and ADC boards to...

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Beware of counterfeit Riedon products

Counterfeit Products are a real issue It recently came to our attention that I-Semiconductors is using our marketing materials and part numbers to promote counterfeit products. Please note, that they are not an authorized Riedon distributor, and that we have never...

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