Resistor solutions within inverter applications

Inverter Power Resistor Applications The image below shows a typical inverter topology with the various resistor requirements highlighted.  These requirements may include filter resistors, snubbers, gate resistors, bleeders, balancing resistors, voltage dividers,...

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Bourns Model PWR4412 Series

Bourns® Model PWR4412 Series Obsolescence Bourns has announced the obsolescence of their PWR4412 series of metal element current sensing resistors.  Customers should not worry because Riedon has an exact drop-in replacement, our MSR series.  Here is the data...

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Shunt FAQ – term origins and definitions

DC Ammeter shunt – The term DC ammeter shunt stems from one of the early uses of the devices as a means of measuring DC currents in a circuit utilizing a simple analog milli-volt meter.  Many of the terms associated with these products are directly related to this...

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